Does it Work?


If I have prostate issues?
Yes. The Vacurect can be used for any prostate issues as well as for penile rehabilitation pre-and post-radical prostatectomy. In fact, many Urologists and Physiotherapists across the world recommend the Vacurect to promote penile health and to prevent atrophy. 

If I am a diabetic?
Yes. The Vacurect can be successfully used by diabetics to achieve an erection without any side effects in conjunction with medication and injections.

If I take medication?
Yes. Erection problems is often a side effect of medication. The Vacurect can help you if you are under treatment for high blood pressure, vascular disease, cholesterol, heart disease or other conditions. 

What if the pills did not work?
Yes. If you have tried pills to treat your erection problems but were unhappy with the results or side effects, the Vacurect is a safe and effective alternative to treat your problem. 

Regardless the cause of your erection problems, the Vacurect can be used for the following reasons:

⦁ Rehabilitation pre- and post a radical prostatectomy;
⦁ Rejuvenating the blood vessels from atrophy;
⦁ To maintain penile health;
⦁ To achieve and maintain an erection satisfactory for intercourse.

The Vacurect (vacuum erection device) is the answer you have been looking for